Construction Law

Construction Law and Litigation

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Construction law can be complex and should be handled by an attorney with a thorough understanding of the construction field, the professionals who work in construction, and the way construction projects develop.  Elizabeth Thompson has more than 20 years’ experience in the construction field and construction law.  Ms. Thompson partners with owners, developers, contractors, engineers and subcontractors to assist with successful projects.

Ms. Thompson has handled more than $50 million in construction claims, representing owners, general contractors and subcontractors.  She not only handles large scale developments, but also smaller remodels and repairs.  Ms. Thompson has experience with a wide range of construction projects including residential, commercial, public works and multi-family housing.

The Law Office of Elizabeth Thompson PLLC handles all areas of construction, including:

  • Document Drafting. Ms. Thompson prepares complex construction contracts as well as easy-to-read agreements for smaller contracts and projects.  Ms. Thompson has a thorough understanding of construction litigation and has handled more than two dozen construction trials.  This experience informs her preparation of contracts and agreements, keeping clients out of court and disputes.
  • Liens. The firm handles the placement of materialmen’s liens on behalf of contractors, protecting their rights to payment. In addition, the firm helps client protect and pursue lien rights through litigation. The firm also handles the removal of frivolous liens.
  • Claims and Litigation. Elizabeth Thompson is skilled in construction litigation and has handled dozens of multi-million dollar civil actions for construction contractors.  She has handled claims regarding both residential and commercial projects.  Ms. Thompson understands how insurance coverage and insurance claims can impact litigation.
  • Construction Disputes and Arbitration. Elizabeth Thompson handles all aspects of construction disputes, including negotiation, mediation, arbitration, litigation and appeal.  Ms. Thompson is skilled in seeking the most cost-effective and expeditious means to resolve a dispute.  Examples of disputes Ms. Thompson has handled include scope of work disputes, differing site conditions, liquidated damage disputes, change order claims, and bid protests.
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